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Hit Menuitem in minimized window

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Hello ...

I want to Log Out from a window.. the logout button is under the "File"-menutab witch says "Log Out vegar"..

i've tried this:

WinMenuSelectItem ("MyWindow", "", "&File","Log Out vegar")


ControlSend("MyWindow", "", "", "{ALTDOWN}f{ALTUP}{DOWN}{DOWN}{ENTER}")

and none of these worked..

i've tried this

Const $in1 = "MyWindow"
If Not WinActive($in1,"") Then WinActivate($in1,"")

this works, But this opens up the window, and i dont want that

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i've read some in the help file.. and it says:

WinMenuSelectItem will only work on standard menus. Unfortunately, many menus in use today are actually custom written or toolbars "pretending" to be menus. This is true for most Microsoft applications.

and i'm preaty sure this is one of them "Custom Toolbars"... but i still dont get why my Controlsend would'nt work :-/

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