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Hit a Bullseye

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I'll start off by showing what I've coded thus far.


Global $x = 0, $s = 0


#include <Misc.au3>
While 1

    If _IsPressed("01") and $s = 1 Then
        $x = $x + 1
        ToolTip($x, 460, 304)
Until $x = 5
    ControlClick("", "", "MacromediaFlashPlayerActiveX1", "left", 2, 341, 278)
    $x = 0


Func Start()
    If $s =0 Then
        $s = 1
        _MouseTrap(310, 420, 930, 425)
    ElseIf $s = 1 Then
        $x = 0
        $s = 0
        MsgBox(0,"","Off  " & $x)

Func Terminate()

It's just a simple 'Hit the target game'... But of course, the Bullseye gives you much more points than the outer layer.

I'll explain what the script is doing so far... Basically I have to shoot myself, but what my bot helps me with is:

1. Reloading (The ControlClick)

2. _MouseTrap... Because ALL the targets are lined in a straight line when they pop-up on the screen... So this way I just have to move my Mouse left or right, not having to worry about height when trying to aim for the bullseye (myself).

I was just curious though, do you think it would be possible to automate hitting the bullseye? Or maybe even semi-automate it? I had 2 ideas:

1. PixelSearch in that _MouseTrap region... If the exact color of the red appears, bam, fire. *PROBLEM* The outer layers of the from the Bullseye are also red... So how could you tell it to hit the middle everytime, and not the outside?

2. The outer ring of the target is red (See picture below)... Maybe have a pixelsearch 1 coordinate at a time under my mouse constantly, and when you hit the red color, it automatically does x+10 or x-10... *PROBLEM* Can you even do a pixelsearch just under your mouse and only under your mouse? And it also wouldn't know which direction to +10 or -10 to get to the bullseye (When it sees the red color).

Just kind of wondering if either of these are possible or if you guys have any other ideas? If not its no biggy, its just an arcade game that has a high scores board that me and my local friends do. Just wanted to mess with them a bit xD. (Of course I'd tell them afterward :) )

*picture* (Below the target is just an area that doesn't need to be worried about...)


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Oh wow... I searched twice, never did see that... I searched "Pixelsearch and hit target" and "Hit target"... Neither gave met hat thread ><... I did read that now though, though I don't understand it xD... So far I've got what I wanted to accomplish in my #2 idea... The only thing is I have to move the mouse myself.

Is there anyway to BE PIXELSEARCHING while it does MouseMove? So say theres 5 points I make with the MouseMove to cover the entire screen (and repeat)... At any one of those points, if the color is found in between MouseMoves, could it STOP where it was at and execute the pixelsearch click etc?

*Yea this shootout game is a popular arcade game that you can put on any website... I made a free forum and put some games on it for my friends so we could compete, and this was one of em xD.*

Well I figured out how to get the direction the mouse in moving... It's actually pretty neat and small xD. And with some fine tuning it could be turn into an 8 direction finder.

Here this is... Hopefully someone can figure out my MouseMove problem >< (It seems simple, but I'm just stumped on it.)

$pos = MouseGetPos()
    $pos2 = MouseGetPos()
    If $pos[0] > $pos2[0] Then
    ElseIf $pos[0] < $pos2[0] Then

Well I've been testing it, and its had some bad results... For some reasons even if I am moving right and it finds the red color it MouseMoves to the left, completely missing the target then ><.

Do you think theres a way to make your mouse a crosshair or something so when all 4 tips touch the edge of the circle (hence being in the bullseye middle), it would fire? ><

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