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Mouseclicks in programs

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I just recently started to use AutoIt and as I was making a small "test" code bit in silkroad online but I found that whenever I made it active, the autoit script paused and didnt do anything. Is that just something with silkroad or do I have to do something special to enable it to do that as I've seen it done before. Here's the code in case I noobed out and the mistake is in there.

$continue = true

while $continue = true

WinActivate("SRO_Client", "")


$coord = PixelSearch( 200, 200, 1600, 1000, 4986121, 10 )

If Not @error Then

MouseClick("left", $coord[0], $coord[1],1)



;$continue = false

sleep (1000)


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The never ending stream of gamers.

I think that SRO uses gameguard to block the actions that you are attempting. I'm not sure that you can get there from here.


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Mmm, I code in C++ as well as game :) .

Anyways, I thought it was something like that, thnx

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