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Creating a scheduled task in 98 and a relevant Q.

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I know that with XP, I can use the SCHTASKS command within AutoIt to create a job.

schtasks /create /tn Reminder /tr reminder_au3.exe /sc ONCE /sd mm/dd/yyyy

Here's the trick: How can I get AutoIt to set the date to 6 months from now? So that September 2005 becomes March 2006, etc.

Second part and possibly trickier:

How can I do anything even similar to that in Win98 with an AutoIt script?

For those wondering, I simply want to automate a reminder (compiled AU3 script) to make sure that all their AV/Spyware/WindowsUpdates/defrag/etc are all up to date. I would rather do it this way than have an AU3 program running and constantly checking the date/time.

I'm pretty new to AutoIt and still on the learning curve, so be gentle and talk to me like I'm 4 :)

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Just on my way out the door, I'll read the article in-depth later, but I will optimistically say that you rock, sir.

I'll keep this thread up to date with any developments. I'd also be curious if any of the hardcore guys can figure out how to do this just with AutoIt. A challenge?

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Gave the link a good look yesterday. It does serve to slightly simplify the XP/2K method of creating a task (but I'd still need input on scripting the "Month+6" side).

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to provide any headway on the 98/Me side of creating a task. :)

Basically, I'm pretty sure these are saved as ".job" files in the Windows directory. If that is correct, can anyone find a source for their format, and provide input on how to script it?

Input on those two points still greatly appreciated.


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Well, here's the latest developments. :)

With XP machines, I'll just edit the script monthly to write a SCHTSK 6 months from now. That will take care of my 6-month reminder idea. For the regular ones, standardized SchTsk commands will add the necessary automation for spyware scans and such.

With 98 machines, I will take the .JOB files from one machine and incorporate them into my AU3 executable.

Next step: Learning how to get the script to recognize the differences between different OSs to perform its tasks. So, if anyone can point to a forum post that could show me how... t'would be appreciated :D

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