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Sudoku solver

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Simple sudoku solver using 3 methods (One of which isn't needed, as the second can do the same as the first, plus a bit more, the reason its in there is for speed). Basically aims to be as easy to use as possible, as a result, the interface is very basic, as is the functions. I have tried (and succeeded!!) in solving hard sudokus on this site, and it completed it easily enough... It can't do evils or extremes, as both of these need guesswork (not 100% sure about that statement).

I'm going to treat this as a long term project and add in extra methods when I decide I want to. If anyone wants to use some of that stuff between their ears then you are welcome to help out. Just make sure you read my code, and give me something that fits in with my method. Posting general ideas on theory is not necessary, with the amount of reading I have done, I probably already know it :). Unlike many solvers, mine does not work by canceling out what can't be used, instead going for the more human method of working out what is garunteed to go where.

The zip (source, exe, helpfile)


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