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Interacting with the full Windows Media Player

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I am trying to write a script that will run the full Windows Media Player application, stream a video from a URL, detect when the video has completed playing and then exit. This script is going to be run by 30-50 virtual machines at the same time for load testing.

My past couple days of browsing this from and MSDN have not yielded the results I am looking for.

My issue is that .playState () only works when the stream is opened with .URL = $url, and that method of opening the stream does not open the full WMplayer.exe like .openplayer($url) does. Can I make .URL behave like .openplayer($url) or make the .playState () command work with .openplayer($url)?

Here is what my code looks like at the moment.

$url = "http://itc.virginia.edu/network/videotest/when-I-go-to-UVA-lg.asx" ;Streaming Video URL

$WMP = ObjCreate("WMPlayer.ocx")

With $WMP 
    ;.openPlayer($url) ;Unable to get $WMP.playState ()
    .URL = $url ;does not open WMPlayer.exe
sleep (2000)
While $WMP.playState () = 3
    MsgBox(0, "Play State:", $WMP.playState ())

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