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Guest jmchapman

Im new to using Auto It. I need some assistance with setting a script that will loop untill a drive is mapped. I have about 60 PC's that need a program installed. Most of my users are remote and connecting over VPN. All are using broad band but not on standard platform (DSL , Cable , Satelite , ETC) I want to write a script the that will map a drive on these PC's but will pause (because of differences in speed) till the drive is mapped. Any suggestions?

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Guest jmchapman

I am not sure if you have seen the DriveMap...() functions in the Help File... and have tried any of them



Yes. Ive looked at this function and it works fine. But I was concerned about the script failing because of the latency in the connection. On the network with a test machine Im able to get this function to work without a hitch . But I just want the script to confirm that the drive is mapped before proceding.
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