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Hello, I'm trying to make a database for MapleStory using xml files coming from the .wz files. But when I try to run the following:

#include <_XMLDOMWrapper.au3>
_XMLLoadXML(@DesktopDir & "\MapleStory\String.wz.xml")
$name = _XMLGetValue("Etc.img/Etc/4001257/name")
$desc = _XMLGetValue("Etc.img/Etc/4001257/desc")
MsgBox(0, $name, $desc)
It gives this error:

C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\Include\_XMLDOMWrapper.au3 (451) : ==> Error in expression.:
$objNodeList = $objDoc.documentElement.selectNodes ($strXPath)
$objNodeList = ^ ERROR

Anybody know why? Also, I can't really understand the code and function names in the XML UDFs, is there a function that will save a whole section/directory of an XML to an array? Thanks for any help.

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Did you try putting a backslash or two in front of your queries? IT has to valid XPATH.


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