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Website abuse

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Anyone found abusing the website is subject to harsh punishment without warning. A non-exhaustive list of potential abuses include:

  • Automated forum registration or login.
  • Automated posting or sending messages on the forum.
  • Automated manipulation of polls, user reputation or other forum features.
  • Automated creation or comments on issue tracker tickets.
  • Automated creation or editing of wiki pages.
  • Excessive downloading of pages or files.
  • Excessive frequency when downloading RSS feeds.
  • Other abuses which are either examples of excessive bandwidth usage or automation of the site.
Use common sense. If you do not have common sense, don't do anything. Do not automate the forum, wiki or issue tracker in any way at all. Scripts which automatically update AutoIt such as AutoUpdateIt are acceptable as long as they are not abused and do not generate excessive bandwidth usage. Edited by Valik
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