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Accessing an external processes Main Thread....?

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Hey guys,

Im working on Au3 Injection/Execution of ASM.. So far ive done it perfectly with my own thread, Ya alot think its not possible to inject with Autoit like its done in C# well they thought wrong, all the functions are mostly DLL calls or _WinAPI.

Anyway, the problem I have is I cannot call some functions with my injected code since its not being executed in the external processes main thread... So I need to...

#1. Be able to find the processes main thread.

#2. Open it will access rights.


Injection of assembly code is great for debugging my other apps, adding functionality to others etc.

But mostly this project is for learning purposes, AND to prove to the Au3 Haters that you can Inject and Execute your own code in an external process with Autoit and clean up the mess just as good as you can in C#.

yes yes, I know Autoit isnt the best thing to be scripting this sort of project in, But I love the functionality of autoit and the ability to overcome challenges like this that are deemed 'not possible'. :)

Other developers that are code monkeys, etc know what I mean and Im sure they all have a nice Au3 Injection UDF, in the dark depths of their hard drive somewhere xD

If youvr done something like this before please post your sample code if possible, or just direct me to the functions needed to do the steps above to Get the Main thread handle/Open/access it/Injec.Execute my code etc.

Thanks alot guys.


*Credits to monoceres for inspiring this project :)

Edited by StrategicX

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