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Guideline For Learners

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I wish this of my post will help the newbees to start learning calling dll and autoit connection. I know this is the lenthy and somewhat monotonoues job but this is need,i had programming exprience in autoit but for few of the reasons i want to learn that can autoit functoning will be improved by this way?

Example :

(I used loop for finding and listing all files in my drive,i used filefindfirst and filefindnext but for making the calls mush efficint i am wondering that can i use .dll instead and get fast responce?


So the great AU developers please do this for us,newbees.....

Thank You.

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Sure, let us know when you have the first chapter ready for proofreading. :)

Thank You but i just want to get the real guideline(the path to follow to learn)

Like some basic tuts then some basic codes then some developed projects and at last own project....

Also link will be ok please while replying this question i just requesting the links for documents or download links for pdfs and so on i think you can get me please!

Thanking You

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