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Need to invoke a batch process in external computer

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I need to invoke a batch process in another computer. I am trying to use RUNAS or RUNASWAIT command with no use, what could be the mistake I am doing.


$Server = "server1"
$ServerUser = "domain\user1"
$ServerPassword = "pswd1"
$ServerBatFilePath = "C:\Application\Launch"
$ServerBatFile = "GUIAutomation.bat"

$EnvGetPasswordStatus = RunAsWait($ServerUser, $Server, $ServerPassword, 0, $ServerBatFile, $ServerBatFilePath)

And while specifying $ServerUser do I have to give the Domain name or not.


$ServerUser = "Doaminname\Username"

Is there any other way of doing it.



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This probably isn't the other way you are looking for, but you could use TCP to transfer commands or files to a remote computer. The only problem is you have to run a client program on the other computer. If it is ok to run a client program on the remote computer, you can set up a listening port, connect to it, and receive any information that you want from the sender. I have a file transfer app in my sig. That should get you started on TCP.

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Thanks guys, i thought of using AutoIt functionality instead of PSexec, which would be easier.

REgarding run a client programe continuesly, I dont think I will get a permission for this.


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