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ChazFire's REVENGE

Array 4 buttons?

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ChazFire's REVENGE

Ok. I got the basic idea of what to do to create an array for radio buttons(I think).

Dim $optInfo[20];radio button array
Dim $row, $col, $count
For $row = 0 to 3
    For $col = 0 to 4
        $optInfo[$count] = GUICtrlCreateRadio("(" & _zeroPad($count+1) & ")", 10 + $row*50, 10 + $col*20,  50, 20, 0x1000)
        $count = $count + 1

Now that works great for the part of my GUI when i only want to select one button, so how would I create an array, of witch would give me the buttons and allow me to select multiple buttons at the same time? :) I think my mind just lacks the capacity to understand how, for now :D

Thanks for any help provided.

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