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Multiple users of a file

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When a single file is shared between 4 programs. Is it possible to "test" on that file how many is in it at the same time ?????? :D:D Its driving my brain nuts those days but if one have some ideas it would really be great.

I dont have anything with the 4 programs to do, they are working in dependent of me :)

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I remember that you have asked a similar question.

I have already told about http://www.sysinternals.com/ntw2k/freeware/handle.shtml

If you use this program with this script, I think that it could help you (I hope)

;test if a file is used by several processes

$fic=FileOpenDialog("Chosse the file to monitor",@MyDocumentsDir,"(*.*)",3); file to monitor
if $fic=-1 then Exit
Runwait(@ComSpec & " /c handle.exe "&$fic&" > "&@TempDir&"\loghandle.txt","",@SW_HIDE) 

$index=6; the list of processses begin at the line 6
while 1
    if @error=-1 or $line="No matching handles found." then ExitLoop
    $tab=StringSplit($line," ")
    $nameprocesses=$nameprocesses&$tab[1]&" PID "&$tab[9]&@CRLF; for each line the first element is the name of the process and the PID is 9th 
MsgBox(0,$fic& "is used by :",$index-6 &" process(es)"&@CRLF&$nameprocesses)
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