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Autoit V3 Beta [v3.0.93]

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Lots of fixes and doc updates. A couple of minor changes and additions too.

3.0.93 (12th Feb, 2004)

- Added: SendAttachMode (AutoItSetOption)

- Added: Opt() is an alias for AutoItSetOption() :whistle:

- Added: Doc updates

- Added: WinSearchChildren (AutoItSetOption)

- Changed: Splash and Progress functions have a "moveable" option

- Changed: StringStripWS (new strip all ws mode)

- Changed: InputBox (timeout param)

- Changed: Hot keys are no longer buffered when the script is paused.

- Fixed: REG_MULTI_SZ support

- Fixed: TrayIconDebug not showing correct filename

- Fixed: ControlClick, ControlCommand("CHECK")

- Fixed: Control functions now using return values rather than @error where appropriate.

- Fixed: Error with '' quotes in Aut2Exe

- Fixed: StringFormat()

- Fixed: Lexer checks that potential user function calls are for existing functions

- Fixed: Input thread attachment in Send() ( check Send("{... down}") still works)

- Changed: (Internal) Removed the only sscanf call and replaced with own code - saves 4KB.

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- boththose, April 2015.

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