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$WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW + minimize button?

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I'm looking for a way to make a window with $WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW style but with a minimize button...I found this article, http://www.codeguru.com/cpp/controls/controls/minimizebutton/article.php/c5265 which has some c++ code for doing so, can it be done in AutoIt?And if so, would anybody care to translate the code into AutoIt for anyone here to be able to use it? (If it's possible ofcourse...)

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Maybe if I chime-in making useless suggestions, someone will give you some real help... >_< lol

Are you absolutely sure you need the ToolWindow style? Maybe there is an alternative way? I loaded up that C++ Source, but have absolutely no idea how that would be translated... I guess in order to translate something you must understand both languages on a certain degree... lol

I did actually do quite a bit of searching, and nothing turned up... How hard would a custom skin be? Just copy the basic idea, but smaller title bar?

I created something like a skin for an app once using basically nothing but MSPaint and Koda... Turned out quite nice...

I could explain it, if that sounds like a half-way decent idea... but I'm sure by the time a few people read this pathetic suggestion, they will be forced to respond with a better idea... haha

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