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WIP - The "Official" ASCIIPortal Map Editor

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ASCII P()rtal Map Editor

Hello party people.

Some of you have possibly already seen or hear about the upcomming Ascii Portal game made by Cymon Games.


Youtube Video

Here is a map editor i made for the upcoming game ASCII Portal.

Unfortunately the game is still in beta and you won't be able to play the game unless you are in the "beta" program.

But the map editor works fine without the game you just can't "test" the maps.

The map editor was going to go opensource as the AsciiPortal game is released but i thought, why not just do it right away.

Posted Image

The editor is in a "useable" state and you might see some scrap code, redundant structures and uncompleted functions, but hey.. it works.

The editor is also still Work In Progress since the game is not yet finished and Cymon are adding new features here and there that is going to be in the editor also.

Incase you are a crazy map maker you can always upload your maps to http://cymonsgames.retroremakes.com/forum/index.php/topic,49.0.html and they might end up in the final game.

Ohhh... and nearly forgot.

Here is the Source, Binary and Resources:


Edited by malu05

[center][u]WoW Machinima Tool[/u] (Tool for Machinima Artists) [/center]

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Fixed a bug that caused X-line overflow to crash the editor.

[center][u]WoW Machinima Tool[/u] (Tool for Machinima Artists) [/center]

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