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changing the properties of a network connection

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Hi there,

I got a little problem... perhaps someone got an idea how I can automate this with autoit...

I got a nice little pda and if I connect it a new network connection is created called "lan connection %number%" where %number% is a variable.

I now want to make a script to read the properties of this lan connection and set a tick on "internet protocol tcp/ip".

To make myself more clear:

I mean this window

Posted Image

Don't be confused with the read markings... they have nothing to do with my problem.

So the tricky part is to automatically read the number the lan connection gets and how to set the tick :)

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Just an idea:

A good place to start is in the registry over here:



Grab the Identifier numbers and paste them to the registry entries that you can find here (keep an eye on the syntax!):


As i mentioned - it's just an idea, don't know if this works! ...and of course you should backup the registry keys before changing them :)

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