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AutoIt the Gadwin Printscreen freeware application

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Hi everyone.

I'm new here in the forum and new in AutoIt.

I'm trying to script the installation of Gadwin Printscreen ver4.4 (freeware).

I'm having a problem scripting the 3rd window in the setup which ask you to choose a language. It seems AutoIt cannot see the window. I used the AutoIt Window Info to get the details and coded it in the script but failing on Step 3. I've tried using functions WinActive(), WinWait(), WinActivate(), ControlClick() with no success.

If anyone wants to try it to see, I appreciate all the help.

Here is a sample for my first script:

; Step 1 - This will run the PrintScreen44_Setup.exe installer


; Step 2 - Script to do ALT +r

WinWaitActive("Open File - Security Warning", "&Run")


; Step 3 - Language dialog box (English and the OK button is auto select so I assume that I can use Send to issue an ENTER keyboardstroke)

WinWaitActive("Installer Language", "Please select a language")


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