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Select multipe items in lsit view. How?

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I have been looking all over these forums and even found lots of dead links to cyberslugs gui wrapper functions. I did finaly find some stuff in the link in his sig bue none of the info in his listbox wrapper seems ot be working for what I need.

So I did use the search first and have been searching for hours.

Is there a simple way to be able to select multiple items in a listbox.

FOr right now i declaer my list box and the whole thing is working. Then to check and see what is being selected I use this in my select routine.

Case $msg[0] = $gui_run
              $gui_run_read_test = GuiCtrlRead($Drivelisting)
              MsgBox(0,"listview", "clicked=" & $gui_run_read_test)

This does properly return a single selected item but it does not return anything but the first item if I have multpile items selected.

I would post the whole script but it is rather long and the last time I did Larry to me not to as it was to much to look at. If anybody is interested here it is.

The posted code has the debuging code in it as listed above.


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I guess then since the lack of responce that this is a definate no. I see from other projects that there is no problem with check boxes. What about using some kind of gui methods with the cwebpage.dll would that solve some of the possible issues?

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