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Au3 application free to download

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I did a Medieplayer Au3Medie useing CWebPage library - must be downloaded and installed in system directory - offen 'system32' directory. It serve as a nice example on how the medieplayer work as all parametre are right at hand - plays .Wmv *.Wma *.avi *.mpg *mpeg *.Mp3 *Mpga;*.asp *.asf *.Wav *Wpl *Mid filetypes as well as playlists....

This is still at beta stage as there are two bugs to overrule, there is trouble with the windows native minimize and maximize - they do not always follow order and the other thing is that drap and drop icons do not function in 'compiled' model but only in the provided script...

This is a rather large application and my first real attemt to do an almost professional work in AutoIt3 gui - the application is provided with a installer/Uninstaller script as well as a topics...

download Au3Medie 1.5 at page:


My AutoIt Homepage:


and CWebPage library at page:



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