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Wait for input while hidden

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I want to make a program where it's waiting for you to type a certain string before processing on to the next command.

However, the input box cannot be there or let's just say rid of.

I'm thinking something like a lock program for the computer where u just activate it and it'll disable the whole keyboard and mouse unless the corresponding keys are punched in.

But the thing is, i don't want the source for that program, i just want to know if that's even possible.


let say i'm in a full screen game..., ( i already hot-key the program) and i launch it while in full screen. Now, i want the program to wait for my input, but the thing is, the game is full screen, so thus, i don't want it to get alt+tabbed to request input... i want it to recognize it while in full screen so yeah.

Anyone know if this can be done?

I'm thinking about waiting for just a certain key...

but i really want it to be a string instead of just a key =/ so yeah

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HotKeySet allows to execute function when specific hotkey(s) pressed. This fits wait for key scenario, but not filtering whole keyboard input.

Not sure if string detection can be easily done in AutoIt.

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