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Help file contents for StringRegExp

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Over the last week I have read this thread several times. I am running the latest beta and I have StringRegExp in there, but the documentation is not included in the helpfile. Does anyone have an old help file with it they would send me, or can I find it elsewhere?

Alternatively, if it is unavailable, I could just use help matching the number 109 in the following line, where Change is always the same, but preceded by any combination of alpha-numerc characters, and the numbers 109, 105, and 129 change every day and can be any two or three digit number and are superceded by any combination/length of alpha-numeric characters. And I believe I can rely on the spacing.

Change    109    105        129

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I tried creating a regexp for ya, but the commands are a little buggy and they cause AuotIt to crash.

If you really need to use regexp, I would suggest using vbscript. It has a great regexp library.

Or you could try using the DOS command findstr.

This would find the first group of digits (2 or 3) after the word Change and spaces

Change +([0-9]{2,3})
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AutoIt3 online docs Use it... Know it... Live it...MSDN libraryglobal Help and SupportWindows: Just another pane in the glass.

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