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help requested

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Hey guys, just wondering about somthing,

i need a script made for a game,

iv tried writing it myself but without any luck in general (might be becouse im just i'm new to this whole scriping part)

i have pos @1 & @2 that need to be looked for a certain pixel,

for example

1 found, then do action and do it until pos 2 is found.

if pos 1 is not found then do action until pos 1 is found then look for pos 2, and as soon as that is found do actions under pos 2

whats iv tried so far is just a simple

@pos 1


if@error then






@if error




note; that is not the acctual script. >_<

also tried having two pixelsearches in one script and then have the action for @pos1 & @pos2 in two other scripts and just had a run ("xxxxx")

without luck,

is there a way to do it?

i know this is abit poorly written and might be confusing, it's 03:00 am now, so heading to bed, but il edit it and upload an img tomorrow if needed.

Good night


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