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Au3info.exe cannot find a window ControlID

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Hello, so I'm trying to create a very basic script in autoit, I'm good with basics, obviously that's where i start and move on from there:) I need it to send 3 keystrokes to a specific window, whether or not that window is active. And I will add some pixel checking and control clicks later on.

Right out of the box I'm having a problem with this because whenever I click the window, au3info.exe only returns a handle, nothing else as far as control, no positions sizes or anything, it's a game window so i assume it doesnt use regular windows protocols to create the window and that's why au3info can't find it, maybe I'm completely wrong i dunno, but does anyone have suggestions on how to either get the control id or how to controlsend to the window without it?

If any additional information is needed please let me know.

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