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Sending Network Message

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Does anyone know if there is a way to send a network message on a trusted domain?

Is there a way using WMI Wrapper? Or do I need to use NIRCMD from a command line.

I want to make a GUI using AutoIt to send a network message to a computer or multiple computers.

My goal is to make a GUI to list all logged-on sessions and highlight them and send a network message.

Currenly I only use NIRCMD from command line and it's not very friendly.

Thank you and AutoIt is amazing.

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Hello Scripter999,

its quite a time i've looked for that by myself and came to the following conclusions:

The possibility of sending a message to a group of computers rely heavily on the Windows Messaging Service which is - in my knowledge - in most companies disabled due to security reasons. The service has been misused for spreading viruses to a bunch of computers and therefore it is only seldom used anymore.

Second you would like to scan the network for any active computers which is in fact a port scan of the network. This too can be seen as a security breach in most companies unless you can declare a very good reason for that.

From my own experiences i can only ask you to forget about it. Popping up a message on a screen can be very disturbing and will cause some explicit questions to you and your boss. If you need to send messages to some computers try sending emails to the users instead. This will meet basic companies behaviour rules much more better.

If you still need to do this you have given the answer by yourself: Create a wrapper for that nircmd you mention with AutoIt. So you can use any possible option and functionality you like and still rely on approved software.


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