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Another mouse odometer

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Thanks to burrup for the idea!

HotkeySet("{ESC}", "myexit")
HotkeySet("+{ESC}", "hide")

Global $1, $2, $px, $py, $pixels
Global $hidden = 0
If FileExists("pixels.txt") Then $pixels = Int(FileReadLine("pixels.txt", 1))

While 1
  If mousemoved() Then chk()

Func chk()
  $px = 0
  $py = 0
    Case $1[0] > $2[0]
      $px = $1[0] - $2[0]
    Case $1[0] < $2[0]
      $px = $2[0] - $1[0]
    Case $1[1] > $2[1]
      $py = $1[1] - $2[1]
    Case $1[1] < $2[1]
      $py = $2[1] - $1[1]
  $pixels = $pixels + $px + $py
  $cm = $pixels / 41.5
  $me = $cm / 100
  If $hidden = 0 Then
    ToolTip(Round($me, 2) & " m")

Func mousemoved()
   $1 = MouseGetPos()
   $2 = MouseGetPos()
   If $2[0] <> $1[0] or $2[1] <> $1[1] Then 
      Return 1
      Return 0

Func hide()
  HotkeySet("+{ESC}", "unhide")
  $hidden = 1

Func unhide()
  HotkeySet("+{ESC}", "hide")
  $hidden = 0

Func myexit()

Func OnAutoItExit()
  If FileExists("pixels.txt") Then FileDelete("pixels.txt")
  FileWrite("pixels.txt", $pixels)

It records the pixels into a file to see how many meters your mouse actually went!

1 cm = 41.5 pixels

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Good job! Something i recommend is creating a GUI or something that floats in the top left corner though so it doesn't flicker so much.

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Pretty cool, but your pixel distance calculation is wrong, it should be

$pixels = $pixels + sqrt ($px*$px + $py*$py)

and the Select staement becomes unnecessary since $var*$var will always be positive.

I played around with showing velocity and acceleration but it wasn't nearly as interesting as I had hoped, and it changes so fast that no valuable information can be gleaned. (unless it was logged, which would be WAY to tedious to read.)

601DisengageEnd Program

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np erifash, glad to see other people can get idea and learn from it =)

and correction the Distance formula is

D = sqrt((x2-x1)² + (y2-x1)²)

in ur case

$pixels = $pixels + sqrt((($2[0] - $1[0]) * ($2[0] - $1[0])) + (($2[1] - $1[1]) * ($2[1] - $1[1])))

edit: typo


D = sqrt((x2-x1)² + (y2-y1)²)

Edited by burrup


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