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Java Applet in IEFrame

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I am pulling my hair out here and would be extremly greatful if anybody out there could help me. I am not even 100% sure if this can be done, but here's hoping.

I have access to an oracle application via a VPN connection. The application runs in an IE Frame and contains Java Applets. I have gone through the Java Access Bridge stuff, but the JavaFerrett does not display any information for this window. I am not sure if this is because its within an IE7 window or because its via VPN, but either way it doesnt show any information to me.

What I need to do is find the object/control names for buttons, links, menus etc within the application so that I have a more robust way of performing the tasks I need. The mouseclick(coords) works ok but is very flaky, in that the objects being clicked are small and so a key click could be missed and throw the whole process out of sync, I am also struggling to get the relative coords working (another issue entirely).

I have gone through the functions in java.au3 but have a problem in that the ferrett object name is really needed and I cant get it.

Has anybody worked with Java Appletts in a IEFrame before and if so have you tried it over a VPN.

Here is the code I used to try and retrieve object names using java.au3 functions.


#include <java.au3>

#include <tesseract.au3>



$att = _JavaAttachAndWait("")

if $att = 0 Then

msgbox(0,"info","failed to atatch")


$retval = _JavaObjValueGet(1)



This just returns "ERROR: GetAccessibleContextInfo failed"

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