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[Solved] StringRegExp help

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$fFile = "X:\Folder\Archive.part1.rar"
ConsoleWrite(StringRegExpReplace($fFile, ".*\\(.*)(?:\.part1)\.rar", "$1")&@CR) ;Works fine
ConsoleWrite(StringRegExpReplace($fFile, ".*\\(.*)(?:\.part1)?\.rar", "$1")&@CR);keeps "part1"

I want to set the ".part1" section may or may not appear. I thought this is the correct syntax, but It doesn't works.

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Thanks for your help!

I used StringInStr as you suggested, but now I figured out how to make it work with RegExp:

$fFile = "X:\Folder\Archive.part1.rar"
ConsoleWrite(StringRegExpReplace($fFile, ".*\\(.*)(?:\.part1)\.rar", "$1")   &@CR);Old one
ConsoleWrite(StringRegExpReplace($fFile, ".*\\(.*?)(?:\.part1)?\.rar", "$1") &@CR);Working one
"?" is very important in these cases.
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