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clicking links on asp web page

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I'm not sure this is an AutoIt question.

I'm trying to get publicly available data through an .aspx web page.


You fill in a couple selections and hit continue.

So far so good. I can automate that part.

Then the page I want pops up with no address bar.

I can get the first page of data there.

To access the other pages of data (if there are any), I must click on 2, 3, etc.

There is no next button (sneaky b*st*rds)

I can see (in IE) that the command executed on the link would be:

java script:__doPostBack('MuniTrades$_ctl1$_ctl1','')


java script:__doPostBack('MuniTrades$_ctl1$_ctl2','')


Could I

1) simulate mouse click on the consistant position of the links

2) send the javascript command itself

3) some other way

I am not experienced in this topic.


If I am too verbose, just say so. You don't need to run on and on.

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2) send the javascript command itself

That is possible. What you need to do is:

1. Use ControlSetText() to replace the current address bar content with for instance:

java script:__doPostBack('MuniTrades$_ctl1$_ctl1','')

2. Use ControlSend() to send an enter to the address bar

The above should work.

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