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Build GUI on the fly

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I'm trying to build a GUI on the fly using a loop to generate the code needed. Array items are being read to get the values needed to build tabs,

For $r = 0 To UBound($genreArr, 1) - 1

        $tGenre = $genreArr[$r]
        $i = "$" & $tGenre & " = GUICtrlCreateTabItem(""" & $tGenre & """)"
        $j = "$" & $tGenre & "Edit = GUICtrlCreateEdit("""", 12, 33, 889, 484)"

        Eval($i) ; What goes here?
        Eval($j) ; What goes here?


I've checked using MsgBox, $i and $j contains the strings to make the Tab elements needed in the correct format.

I just used Eval in there as a placeholder but is there a function out there that can run the string like a line of code? I've tried searching for this as i'm sure it's been done loads of time but can't find the answer. Thanks.

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To "execute" a function contained in a string like that you can use Execute(). But it will most likely end up very messy, so I recommend you find a way to use arrays instead.

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Cheers. I found what i was looking for after all. I did a search and came up with an "incremental variable names" post that provided a solution.

Global $numGenres = 15
Global $genreArr[$numGenres] = ["House", "Dance", "Electronic", "Trance", "Hardstyle", "Drum_&_Bass", "Commercial", "Jumpstyle", "Pop", "Rock", "Hip-Hop", "R_&_B", "Techno", "Other", "Psychedelic"]
Global $genreTabs[$numGenres], $genreEdit[$numGenres]


$SBForm = GUICreate("TabsRUs", 914, 605, 193, 124)
$Tab = GUICtrlCreateTab(8, 8, 897, 513)

    For $r = 0 To UBound($genreTabs, 1) - 1

        $genreTabs[$r] = GUICtrlCreateTabItem($genreArr[$r])
        $genreEdit[$r] = GUICtrlCreateEdit("", 12, 33, 889, 484)



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