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How is it that a GUICreate("TESTING", 185, 340) is bigger then after a resize with WinMove($GUI,default,default,default,185, 340)?

In this case there's a loss of Width: 6 and Height: 32

Here's a script to test:

#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>

$GUI = GUICreate("TESTING", 185, 340)
$go = GUICtrlCreateButton("Resize", 8, 177, 90, 17)

While 1
    $nmsg = guigetmsg()
    switch $nmsg
        case $Go
            $SizeReturns = WinGetClientSize($GUI)
            MsgBox(0,"","Width: "&$SizeReturns[0]&@CRLF&"Height: "&$SizeReturns[1]&@CRLF&"..Now moving window to same position..press OK")
            WinMove($GUI,default,default,default,185, 340)
            $SizeReturns = WinGetClientSize($GUI)
            MsgBox(0,"","Width: "&$SizeReturns[0]&@CRLF&"Height: "&$SizeReturns[1])
        case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

Update; I think i figured this one out by myself, seems Winmove doesn't take the Title bar into consideration when resizing.

For the default XP theme, Width: +6 and Height: +32 is needed to compensate..Its another value for the classic themes.

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Yes. Width,Height in GUICreate() is meant for client area not for whole window size.

WinMove() uses whole window's size.

In latest Autoit beta this is explicitly described in helpfile at GUICreate()

Here is related ticket


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