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Guest alicegao

MouseClick using absolute x, y coordinates

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Guest alicegao


I have a question regarding the MouseClick method.

When I was using AutoIt 2.6.1, the LeftClick method was using X and Y

coordinates that are relatively to the current active window, which was very

convenient because the position of the window doesn't matter.

However, when I tried to upgrade my script to AutoItv3, I found that

MouseClick is using the absolute X and Y coordinates relatively to the entire

screen. Personally, I think this is inconvenient and it causes the script

to have more hard-coded values. The reason is that when a new window

is opened, the script has to move and resize the window to make sure it is

at a specified position so that the X and Y coordinates of the buttons on the

window remain the same.

I am just wondering if there is any specific reason for changing the

X and Y coordinates from relative to the window to absolute. Also, when

I tried to use the ControlClick, it looked like that the right button is clicked,

but I didn't get to see the cursor moving to the button and click it. I wonder

if this is how it should work?

Many Thanks


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You can control the origin of screen coordinates. See the AutoItSetOption function in the help file, and look for the MouseCoordMode option.

I do not know about ControlClick.


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Guest alicegao

Thanks a lot!

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