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Stopping Then Restarting A Timer?


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What I want my script to do is wait until a certain pixel is a certain color, but timeout the search after 5 seconds. Waiting for a pixel I can do, and I have this:

Func PixelColor(ByRef $xcoord, ByRef $ycoord, ByRef $pixelcolor)
  $pixel = PixelGetColor($xcoord,$ycoord)
    Until $pixel = $pixelcolor

But I want it to stop searching after, say, 5 seconds. I tried:

          $timer = TimerStart()
  $pixel = PixelGetColor($xcoord,$ycoord)
  $dif = TimerStop($timer)
    Until $pixel = $pixelcolor OR $dif > 2000

But that just restarts the timer every time.

Help? Please?

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Won't that start the timer outside the loop, then try to stop the timer over and over?

*tries it out*

EDIT: Whoahey.  It works!

The function seems to be misnamed. The documentation states

Returns a difference in time from a previous call to StartTimer().

Nothing about actually stopping the timer. In fact, although I haven't inspected the code, I reckon that TimerStart just stores the machine's current time and TimerStop does a simple subtraction :whistle:

Thanks, GrahamS.

You're welcome


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