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Ive looked around for info about programaticly printing something and im finding little information. i dont know if this is something that can be solved with a windows configuration im not aware of or if i need to do some advanced automation. my issue is basicly that i would like to have multiple printers installed on a single pc and have a have different programs each see a different printer as 'default'. in one situation i want to print a weather report using IE automaticly to a certain printer, but not all pages.

in adition i would also like to control what pages print and # of copies, this doesnt seem to hard but id have to use the GUI contols, however the printer selection control doesnt seem to have a way to control it reliably.

thank for any ideas!


Im working on some functions to help with these problems i have, here is a roughdraft incase someone stumbles upon this thread. 2 of the functions are from Martins script and the 3rd is my own.





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martin posted this a couple of years ago that might help with the first part;

it will "remember"/set different default printers for whatever app has the focus


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