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Resolving base address and pointers

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Hello everyone and thank you for your help. Basically I have a very simple 2-step pointer that I need to resolve, but the first step is giving me trouble.

$process = ProcessExists("EverQuest2.exe") 
$mem = _MemOpen($process)
$baseADDR = _MemoryGetBaseAddress($mem, 1)
; $finalADDR = Int(_MemRev(_MemRead($mem, "0x" & '011535f8', 4))) -- If I use this, it works correctly, but I would need to change it every time I ran EQ2
$finalADDR = Hex(_MemoryGetBaseAddress($mem, 1) + Dec('D535F8'))

The last line of code SHOULD be returning 011535F8 but it returns 00EA35F8. Does anyone have any guidance for me? I am using w0uter's mem functions and Szhlopp's UDF. Thanks a lot!

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