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Advice needed on ToolTips and system tray icon

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Hello All,

I have two questions i hope you can help me with.

My first question is when i run the code below, an icon is displayed in the system tray. Now if i do a right mouse click on the icon in the tray, the script will pause until i exit the menu (this can be seen by the console output stopping)

BUT.....Shouldn't the Opt("TrayAutoPause",0) ; stop this from happening? (i want the script to continue UNTIL i select "Pause" in the menu)

My second question is, when the script starts, the tooltip is displayed with the info in it that i want....but the tooltip is only displayed WHEN the script starts, i thought it was meant to be displayed when the icon was in focus. When the script starts the tool tip shows the following

"STB= 5


BUT once it has disappeared and i hover my mouse over the icon i get the following


What am i missing?



#Include <Constants.au3>

Opt("TrayAutoPause",0) ; Script will not be paused when clicking the tray icon.

TrayTip("STB="& $stb,@ScriptFullPath,30,1);in the tooltip, tell us what stb is running and what script
TrayCreateItem("Script Details:")
TrayCreateItem("STB="& $stb)

dim $x=0
While 1
$msg = TrayGetMsg()
ConsoleWrite("message = " & $msg & ":  count = " & $x & @CRLF)

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