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Command Line Switches

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Thought someone might find this useful.Might already be an example like this on the forum,didn't do a long search for it.But I made it to be able to see what flashes on your screen when you double click a command line app.Which sometimes shows you how to use the app.I know it's almost just as easy to do a batch file and add a pause to it ,but just drop a shortcut to this in your send-to folder and your good.As always I'm sure I over complicated a very simple script,but HEY,it works.Well it worked for me anyway.


Either Drag n' Drop your app on the compiled script or compile and place a shortcut in your send-to folder,as I use it.

When used,in about a second if notepad is your default .txt reader,Notepad will pop up with your results. >_<

If $CmdLine[0]  = 0 Then Exit
    Local $foo = Run(@ComSpec & " /c " & "CONSOLE.bat",@ScriptDir & "\",@SW_HIDE,$STDERR_MERGED)
        Local $line
    FileWriteLine("Console2TXT_Out.txt",'Use "File" then "Save As" To Keep A Copy Of This File'&@CRLF&@CRLF&@CRLF)
        While ProcessExists("cmd.exe")
            $line = StdoutRead($foo)
            If $line = "" Then ContinueLoop
             $out = FileWriteLine("Console2TXT_Out.txt",$line)

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You can also open command line and run it. This is how Microsoft intended most console applications to be used.

Yeah and Final use would be that way.I just like to have this to have a text copy of the possible switches.Anyway I'm sure it might be useful for somebody.But I understand where your coming from Manadar.I'm just trying to give a little back to this forum,cause I have received sooo much help here.

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