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Left Click Switch Weapon Script Help..

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My goal here is to make a macro that will arm a weapon select it's power attack and then select another weapon and a different power attack.

I'm a noob so I'm running into numerous problems.

While the macro is running everytime I left click the mouse a new weapon should be selected with a number, equiped with the R key and the power attack selected with another number.

Here's what I got so far....

$x = 0

HotKeySet(MouseClick("LEFT"), "CountFunc")

While 1



Func CountFunc()

$x += 1

if $x >= 5 then $x = 1

if $x = 1 then Send(1) and Send® and Send(7)

if $x = 2 then Send(2) and Send® and Send(8)

if $x = 3 then Send(3) and Send® and Send(9)

if $x = 4 then Send(4) and Send® and Send(0)


Any help would be appriciated..

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