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If someone chat client connects then?

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I wonder if you could somehow accept if someone connects to Larry's dll chat.. like:

If someone try to connect to server then, msgbox if you wish to accept, else reject?

As it's now, the server accepts when someone connects right away

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"accept" is just a wrapper of the Winsock accept() function. They didn't need to name it accept... they could have named it cajeebers()... what you need to do is code a function that takes info from the client that is "accepted" and determine by your own means if that client is "ACCEPTABLE"... it is not a shortcoming of the DLL, but a lack of knowledge of TCP programming that you may be suffering from...



hmm, don't really understand what to do :) could really need this. But without the accept in the server, would it then connect?..

Though about something like

If client try to connect then
If yes then $RogueSocket = DLLCall(@WindowsDir & "\au3xtra.dll","int","TCPAccept", "int", $MainSocket)


Just a quick example

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