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problem with hot key with non english keyboard

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Since I live in Israel, I have also Hebrew on my keyboard.

I've noticed that if I run the script while the current language is Hebrew, some of the hot keys will not work.

I think this is because in doesn't get the right letter...

For example, if have function that runs with HotKeySet("!d", "func")

I tried to Change it to HotKeySet("!ג", "func") (the hebrew letter on the same key as d)

and it works! but I want to find better solution than having everything double...

also, the Send function is working weird. for example I have file with words in Hebrew, ending with ; after each word.

Im trying to read from the file and write the words (usind send) in other place.

I've seen that the Send function "translate" the ; to ף (which again, is in the same place on the keyboard)

why does it happening?

what can I do to prevent it?



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