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@HomeDrive and msiexec

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I tried searching for this and I couldn't find anything. Basically I'd like to use the @homedrive with a line that calls an msi.

I know the cmd works if I give it the exact path like so....

Run('msiexec.exe /i "C:\sample.msi"')

so instead of C:\ i'd like to use @HomeDrive. I've tried many variations with adding and yet none of them seem to work.

Currently I'm stuck at Run('msiexec.exe /i @HomeDrive&"\sample.msi"')

Any help would be great.


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try Run('msiexec /i "" & @HomeDrive&"\sample.msi"')


no go unfrotuantely. I did make sure that my path was ok by writing the rusulting path of @HomeDrive&"\sample.msi" to a text file and it appears fine.

It's acting like im just typing msiexec and nothing else. I get the msi options window.

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