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Download File From HTTPS Site with a Logon

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My company has a SharePoint site that is public facing. It requires a login to access the site and it's HTTPS

I am working on a computer migration script and I want to use the SharePoint site as a location to store application installs that my script will download and install if it's found on the old computer.

My problem is I can't seem to figure out a way to download the files. I can do a shellexecute with the specific target address and it will prompt the user for their credentials and then start the download, but I don't have control of where they download it. I tried InetGet but that doesn't seem to be able to get through the required login, and the UserName:Password@ thing is not working.

I spent some time looking through WinHTTP.au3 but couldn't get that to work.

I also quickly looked at _IE.au3 but I didn't see anything that would work for me either.

Anybody have some ideas?



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I don't see a problem. You explained everything but the real problem.




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