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Script Help Please

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I have a few questions about making scripts with Autoit and I was hoping you more experienced people could help me out. I wanted to make scripts combatible for Rs Bot for the MMO Runescape and I need help on making scripts for it and it having a GUI so my friends can use them too. I have done the tutorials and the only one i think i did %100 succesfully was the "Hello World!" one, so you can tell that I'm not too good at this. I'll ask some questions in order of relevance to me, and i hope you guys could answer them for me with the best of your ability.

1. When I did the notepad tutorial i got it all right but the last one, Send("!n"). The reason i think it is wrong is because when i run the cript it gets to the "save?" window and it doesnt close on its own, which i assume it should. Is it supposed to not close on its own, or am i doing something wrong, if so then what do i need to do to fix it.(Remember this is my first time making scripts so don't make it too complicated for me to understand.)

2. Do i need to have Winzip to properly run a script?

3. How do i turn a script into an auth code i can put into Rs Bot?

4. How do i run a script with a GUI?

Please help me out with this, i have no clue what i'm doing.

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