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Cant get my flag working

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I jumped on here to ask what may be te simplest question ever but...

im having trouble getting my first script to work

While 1 ;start of loop


Send("^{NUMPAD5}^{NUMPAD4}^{NUMPAD4}^{NUMPAD5}^{NUMPAD6}^{NUMPAD6}" [, flag] )

Wend ;end of loop

its just a basic loop that i want to work with mousekeys so i can move my mouse in a repeated loop, but in order for it to work i need to set the flag so the keys are raw...

i diddn't have any trouble finding the perimeters and setting 'flag=1' but whenever i try testing the script i get an error message for "missing seperator after keyword"

i've messed with it before and got it typing numbers before inserting the flag...so im guessing the problem is with "[, flag]"?

idk lol, to be honest i just copy-pasted most of this off the tutorials, its a miracle it diddnt blow up my computer D=

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ohhh lol i see now >.>

anyways, it diddn't work anyways, drat =S

diddnt think it would be that simple

anyways, the extremely low speed was purposeful, as i was going to edit it

later on to perfectly match what it would've been used for =P

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