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Memory Reading an Address with Offset

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I have a following script that can read the memory of an inputted address of a game. This works, although there is also a thing in game called "pointers", along with an "offset". I currently do not know how to read these two, so looking for some help.

The current script I'm using is:


#include <winapi.au3>

Global Const $PROCESS_VM_OPERATION = (0x0008)

Global Const $PROCESS_VM_READ = (0x0010)

Global $Process="somegame.exe"

Global $Pointer = 0x00XXXXX; replace with the address



Local $read


MsGbox(0,"Read value",DllStructGetData($s,1))



In other words, I want to know what to assign $pointer if I have a POINTER of 00597EF0 and an OFFSET of 18.

I am familiar with NomadMemory too, but haven't really gotten these two values to work with it.

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I think you mean you have a memory address that point to a Pointer.

You can get the Pointer from reading the memory and then use the value of the Pointer again to read the real value.

Now Offset is like an array[0] = offset 0, array[1] = offset 1

Now you will have to learn about the size of each variable and multiply it with the offset.

Am not going to get into but search it!

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