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DirCopy won't copy subdir's

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This will eventually be a small install for a small program. The problem is the program will be on a CD and I can't use the entire path for the source files since I don't know what letter someone's CD drive will be.

That being said, I can't get this to copy the subdirectories and files.

The au3 script sits in the same directory as the source folder (ie. I:\DirCopy.au3 and I:\Sourcedir)

I:\ is a local drive and not a mapped network drive.

What am I missing?

DirCreate(@DesktopDir & "\Dstintiondir")

DirCopy("Sourcedir", @DesktopDir & "\Dstintiondir")

I've tried putting the full path in for the sourcedir for testing and that won't copy the subdir's and files either.

DirCopy("I:\Sourcedir", @DesktopDir & "\Dstintiondir")

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated for this simple task. :">

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