23:07 Ticket #2102 (error using ContinueLoop) closed by Jpm
22:54 Ticket #2094 (Hex() returns incorrect values) closed by Jpm
No Bug
22:07 Ticket #2102 (error using ContinueLoop) created by anonymous
When using code like […] I receive an error […] Full example …
15:13 Ticket #2101 (Help not opening on Windows XP) created by anonymous
Just update on new version ( autoit-v3-setup - v. ) If i click …


21:09 Ticket #2100 (Windows On ARM Compiler (WOA)) created by richard.sarner@…
Has the subject of a WOA compiler been broached. I work for a large …
12:25 Ticket #2099 (Crash of script when using "_GUICtrlDTP_SetSystemTimeEx()" function) created by uberis
The script crashes when "_GUICtrlDTP_SetSystemTimeEx()" is used in …
09:20 Ticket #2098 (_ArraySearch and StringInStr Problem / Bug?) created by anonymous
Hi, iam not sure but i think we found a Bug in _ArraySearch and/or in …


15:08 Ticket #2097 (Performance problem with acces to object (Excel object)) created by michal.orsag@…
There is performance problem with access into Excel object in AutoIT …
15:04 Ticket #2096 (_FTP_ListToArrayEx $Return_Type = 1 or 2 no Array Content) created by Albeck
If the Flag for the $Return_Type is set to 1 or 2 the array does not …
14:54 Ticket #2095 (_FTP_ListToArrayEx Helpfile Typo) created by Albeck
Just a little Typo... as seen n the picture :)
14:24 Ticket #2094 (Hex() returns incorrect values) created by SilentButeo2
running next script gives incorrect values (always expecting 4) […]


03:09 Ticket #2093 (DllStructGetSize reports wrong size) closed by Valik
No Bug: jchd is correct. Closing as no bug.


06:17 Ticket #2093 (DllStructGetSize reports wrong size) created by jbutera@…
$test = DllStructCreate("dword;char") ConsoleWrite("size …


19:16 Ticket #2069 (StringRegExpGui example produce 2 warnings) closed by guinness


21:05 Ticket #2092 (ShellExecuteWait() receiving incorrect error levels on Windows XP.) created by Daniel_Freer@…
Description: Executing a file through ShellExecuteWait() will result …


23:46 Ticket #1760 (#OnAutoItStartRegister, ignores single quoted function names.) reopened by Valik
Re-opening. We should do this because it's expected that strings can be single- or double-quoted.
01:11 Ticket #2091 (Au3Check and non-ANSI files) created by Valik
Au3Check silently passes any non-ANSI file giving the illusion it has …


22:06 Ticket #2090 ([:upper:] is not working) closed by Jos
No Bug: Your regex is wrong and should be: […] Jos
21:43 Ticket #2090 ([:upper:] is not working) created by Leagnus
versions till not working: […] Working: […]
18:05 Ticket #2089 (_IEFormSubmit gives WEnd^ ERROR) created by ir.r.buitenhuis@…
With AutoIt 3.2 and IE8 this works fine. With AutoIt this code …
13:39 Ticket #2088 (_ArrayDisplay not handling Default parameters correctly) created by Xenobiologist
Parameter being Default keyword is treated as literal string and is …


08:07 Ticket #2080 (unable to create compiled archive) closed by Valik
Wont Fix: Closing as won't fix. Without a wast to consistently reproduce the problem there's no way to fix this. The behavior certainly seems like a race condition but I've looked at the code and Aut2Exe isn't doing anything dumb.


13:48 Ticket #2086 (recieve error in array combination v closed by Jpm
No Bug: As jchd note, no Bug
10:09 Ticket #2085 (DllStructGetData crash with char array) closed by trancexx
No Bug: When structure is created at address specified by the user (your $pBuffer) AutoIt doesn't do any memory allocation. It assumes the user is smart enough to check, or to know in advance how big the pointed memory space is. It's you who decided to create bad structure in first place. This is not a bug. It's just careless bad programmer you.
09:30 Ticket #2087 (IniWrite & IniReadSection bug) created by anonymous
IniWrite -> "When writing a value that is quoted, the quotes are …
08:58 Ticket #2086 (recieve error in array combination v created by benwinnipeg9
hi, pretty new to the forum but have been using Autoit a while. I …
03:30 Ticket #2085 (DllStructGetData crash with char array) created by anonymous
DllStructGetData seems to verify or fetch whole data of structs …


16:55 Ticket #2015 (DllCallbackRegister() mangles floating point numbers under x64) closed by trancexx
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6588] in version:
09:21 Ticket #2084 (_ClipBoard_GetDataEx Help File Example crash) created by wakillon
_ClipBoard_GetDataEx Help File Example crash when click on Get …


17:48 Ticket #2081 (Au3 Recoreder) closed by trancexx
No Bug
17:22 Ticket #2083 (AU3Record.exe error "missing MSVCR100.dll" when trying to run it) created by BrewManNH
When trying to run AU3Record.exe I get the following message. …
14:55 Ticket #2079 (Missing quotes in go-Commandline in SciTE) closed by Jos
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6583] in version:
14:41 Ticket #2082 (drivestatus on mapped network drives fails on directories) created by anonymous
; Drive I: is mapped to a share on W2008R2 Server ; Script runs on …
06:15 Ticket #2081 (Au3 Recoreder) created by anonymous
_WinWaitActivate("","") Does not Generated


20:40 Ticket #2080 (unable to create compiled archive) created by internetcafeontoulouse@…
This problem have been around for years now. I've tried everything …
20:04 Ticket #2079 (Missing quotes in go-Commandline in SciTE) created by anonymous
The version of SciTE deliviered with AutoIt v3.3.8.0 is missing some …
12:16 Ticket #2078 (Error in com expression) created by Jpm
The following script cannot be executed unless we remove the Local […]


19:50 Ticket #2077 (_GuiRichEdit_Create Bad HWnd Check) closed by AdmiralAlkex
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6572] in version:
19:25 Ticket #2077 (_GuiRichEdit_Create Bad HWnd Check) created by wraithdu
In this function, the first line checks if the window handle passed …
09:21 Ticket #2076 (Object value can't be set True) closed by trancexx
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6571] in version:
02:35 Ticket #2076 (Object value can't be set True) created by chrisg1941@…
I have been trying to implement programming of Open Office through …
01:23 Ticket #2075 (GUICtrlSetImage changes icon position on resizable window) created by ChrisN
When a window is resized & the icon control is moved from its original …


13:53 Ticket #2074 (Example Opt MustDeclareVars is missing) closed by guinness
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6565] in version:
13:43 Ticket #2074 (Example Opt MustDeclareVars is missing) created by Tweaky
In the example of "Opt" "Opt("MustDeclareVars", 0) ;0=no, …
10:11 Ticket #2073 (ContinueLoop crashes script if nothing to jump) created by Melba23
Using ContinueLoop without a following statement to jump over to …
00:01 Ticket #2072 (Tutorial RegExp - wrong word) closed by AdmiralAlkex
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6560] in version:


19:53 Ticket #2072 (Tutorial RegExp - wrong word) created by Tweaky
At the Tutorial RegExp you must replace "([0-9]{1,3} damage)" with …
08:12 Ticket #2071 (autoit-docs-v3.3.8.0-src.exe is missing) closed by Jpm
Fixed: It has been uploaded


17:33 Ticket #2071 (autoit-docs-v3.3.8.0-src.exe is missing) created by anonymous
Hi, where can I download "autoit-docs-v3.3.8.0-src.exe"? Thanks
17:14 Ticket #2003 (ProcessWaitClose() using too much CPU) closed by trancexx
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6544] in version:
16:32 Ticket #2067 ($n=-2147483648 is not an int32) closed by trancexx
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6541] in version:
12:24 Milestone completed


06:17 Ticket #2070 (_GUICtrlStatusBar_GetText() Crash) created by TsukasaX
[…] The idea of this code is to get the first part of a 4-part …


09:54 Ticket #2069 (StringRegExpGui example produce 2 warnings) created by Jpm
open tutorial-> String regular expression then push "Open …
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