19:49 Ticket #2179 (Aut2Exe\Aut2exe.exe /pack) closed by Valik
Duplicate: This is a duplicate of #2180. I know what the problem is and it will be fixed soon.
18:42 Ticket #2180 (Aut2Exe won't create .exe when using icon) created by BrewManNH
Whenever I try to create an exe file, even as a test, using, …
10:52 Ticket #2179 (Aut2Exe\Aut2exe.exe /pack) created by anonymous
Since the /pack switch (which is the default) of Aut2exe.exe …
03:02 Milestone completed


22:08 Ticket #2178 (problem with error) closed by trancexx
Duplicate: Please read guidelines for posting here (that red box above the typing area on New Ticket page). If you have then you would shortly after saw that this was reported and fixed some time ago. You would also use correct formatting for the code you post, etc... I'm writing that first sentence often lately.
21:09 Ticket #2178 (problem with error) created by anonymous
I'm getting the error "missing separator character after keyword" with …
07:25 Ticket #2177 (autoit does not work correctly with Microsoft Calculator) closed by trancexx
No Bug: Please read guidelines for posting here. They are hard to miss (that red box above the typing area on New Ticket page). Anyway, there is no bug here, it's only you. Think think.
07:10 Ticket #2177 (autoit does not work correctly with Microsoft Calculator) created by thucdat@…
The following taken from the examples with change from multiplication …


19:09 Ticket #2176 (DllCallbackRegister crash on x64) closed by trancexx
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6896] in version:
13:51 Ticket #2176 (DllCallbackRegister crash on x64) created by Melba23
As requested by trancexx …


19:41 Ticket #2175 (IF require ENDIF with "ContinueLoop") closed by trancexx
Duplicate: Please read posting rules next time. You did everything wrong.
15:19 Ticket #2175 (IF require ENDIF with "ContinueLoop") created by anonymous
For $j = 0 to 5 If $j = 3 Then ContinueLoop Next ==> …
08:43 Ticket #2174 (Code error in _StringInsert() - but in my opinion it should not be) created by amarcruz
In Line# 270 of String.au3 (6 of _StringInsert()) {{{ElseIf …


20:49 Ticket #2173 (_StringProper doesn't capitalize correctly) created by BrewManNH
The original _StringProper function doesn't correctly capitalize …
05:20 Ticket #2172 (_StringRepeat addition, increments performance with higher count) created by amarcruz
Hi, _StringRepeat is efficient, but its performance degrades with high …


16:24 Ticket #2170 (_ArrayDisplay fails handling arrays with no elements) closed by guinness
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6887] in version:
13:34 Ticket #1551 (Crash the script when changing array) closed by trancexx
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6886] in version:


22:25 Ticket #2029 (Array and variable handling / suggestion) closed by trancexx
Rejected: Number 1 may seem like a good thing but really it should be this: […] Number 2 is not sensible request. If you want (and absolutely need) two variables referencing the same data then don't use array, use dllstruct type. Number 3 is syntax mess considering current syntax rules for accessing arrays. Plus what's said already. Anonymous's suggestion is bad from several aspects one of which is creating exception of rules. Rejecting all.
19:03 Ticket #2169 (Array Length / suggestion) closed by Valik
14:41 Ticket #1566 (Array as its own element issue) closed by trancexx
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6885] in version:
03:57 Ticket #2171 (Inconsistent delay for TCPTimeout option) created by ripdad
A timeout of 1000ms and higher causes a sleep delay. Delay time …
03:34 Ticket #2170 (_ArrayDisplay fails handling arrays with no elements) created by ripdad
When trying to view with _ArrayDisplay, array.au3 crashes at: Line …


22:46 Ticket #2169 (Array Length / suggestion) created by amarcruz
All who have some knowledge of VB are confused by the behavior of …


21:31 Ticket #2168 (Updown control displayed on wrong TAB) created by Emiel Wieldraaijer
Hi, The Updown is displayed on the wrong tab at start, when you …
20:38 Ticket #1191 (Make explicit size of arrays optional when have explicit initialization) closed by trancexx
Completed: Added by revision [6882] in version:
14:35 Ticket #2167 ($WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL and GUICtrlCreateMenu causes bug) created by Emiel Wieldraaijer
When using $WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL in combination with GUICtrlCreateMenu …
04:48 Ticket #2166 (StringToASCIIArray() incorrect handling of parameter) created by amarcruz
#cs In this code, StringToASCIIArray second parameter "start" is 10 …


08:59 Ticket #2165 (_GUICtrlRebar_SetBandIdealSize bug) created by anonymous
#include <GuiConstantsEx.au3> #include <GuiReBar.au3> #include …


07:17 Ticket #2160 (DllStructGetStruct() - new function) closed by trancexx
Rejected: Few days should have been enough time to think of something.


23:58 Ticket #2164 (Binary type need more functions) created by anonymous
BinaryFromArray & BinaryToArray (with parameter for element size in …
17:11 Ticket #2163 (_ExcelBookClose dont work correctly on _ExcelBookAttach on more than ...) created by bogQ
tested on XP SP3 under Excel 2002 Short script […] the identical …
09:10 Ticket #2162 (Documentation broken-link/typo) closed by guinness
Fixed: Fixed by revision [6879] in version:
04:03 Ticket #2162 (Documentation broken-link/typo) created by anonymous


07:45 Ticket #2161 (DllStructs Corrupted When Returned In Array.) closed by trancexx
No Bug: $lBuffer is structure on local scope. After function returns that struct is destroyed, occupied memory space freed. Structure that you export is created at place of mentioned local struct - remember that no allocation is done if you pass memory pointer as second parameter for DllStructCreate() function. It's expected that your data is corrupted. You probably want to copy data from one struct to another. It's not that hard to achieve that, just think more. If you would fail use the forum for help. Also, even though it's not a requirement it would be nice if you weren't anonymous. Being anonymous is lame. How do I know you aren't some serial killer? I probably shouldn't talk to you :P


22:41 Ticket #2161 (DllStructs Corrupted When Returned In Array.) created by anonymous
When returning an array of DllStructs, they will sometimes be …


22:00 Ticket #2160 (DllStructGetStruct() - new function) created by Yashied
Is it possible to add a new function to retrieve the source …


06:10 Ticket #2159 (Mistake in "Running under Windows 64-bit Edition") closed by Valik
No Bug: Turn off redirection and you will see the real path. Windows maps the SYSWOW64 directory to system32 for 32-bit processes with redirection enabled. The files really do live in SYSWOW64, though. No bug here, documentation is correct if a bit misleading.


19:56 Ticket #2159 (Mistake in "Running under Windows 64-bit Edition") created by MrCreatoR <mscreator@…>
In the "Running under Windows 64-bit Edition" section in help file …


02:21 Ticket #2158 (While Wend Problem) closed by Valik
No Bug: Problem is simple and obvious. Should have been posted on the forum. This is not a support forum.
01:12 Ticket #2158 (While Wend Problem) created by anonymous
I have a simple adfly program that i want to loop but the while …


15:28 Ticket #2157 (ProcessList() crashes on Windows Terminal Server Win2k8-R2) created by HighGuy
Hi, i have a script running on a Windows Terminal Server Win2k8-R2 …


17:38 Ticket #2156 (File or Directory check) closed by Valik
Rejected: IsDir() or IsFile() can be done in a single line of code, 3 if you wrap it in a function with your name of choice. The rest of your request is slightly more than 3 lines of code but still pretty damn simple. In other words, write your own, you don't need us to hold your hand.
08:28 Ticket #2156 (File or Directory check) created by malath84@…
IsDir or IsFile Boolean Function for files and folders that checks a …
00:41 Milestone completed


16:49 Ticket #2154 (_ArrayShift & _ArrayUnShift) closed by Valik
Rejected: Not crazy about the names and your code leaves a lot to be desired.
15:29 Ticket #2155 (Run's default workingdir) created by lwc
The documentation mentions that ShellExecute/ShellExecuteWait's …
13:31 Ticket #2154 (_ArrayShift & _ArrayUnShift) created by markem@…
Hi! :-) I noted that AutoIt has _ArrayPop and _ArrayPush. Those go …
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