15:57 Ticket #2668 (Subclassing issue on CallWindowProc) created by FireFox
Hi, There's an issue on the CallWindowProc function …


09:32 Ticket #2667 (Crypt.au3) closed by guinness


21:21 Ticket #2667 (Crypt.au3) created by Kelmox
Please add new hash Function in the UDF, Example ripemd160, sha-3 and so


00:35 Ticket #2666 (StringReplace($sString, $pos, "") doesn't work) created by mikell
StringReplace with "" (nothing) as replacement string doesn't work if …


23:31 Ticket #2664 (_GUICtrlListView_GetItemText - proposal) closed by guinness
Rejected: I have no comment to what has already been said.
09:16 Ticket #2665 (Support for EFS (Encrypting File System)) created by anonymous
I've got my first Windows (8.1 Pro) with EFS support. I started using …


08:55 Ticket #2664 (_GUICtrlListView_GetItemText - proposal) created by mlipok
Add description something like this: "If item or subitem not exist …
00:44 Ticket #2663 (StringRegExpReplace backreference not working) created by BrewManNH
The only backreferences working in RegExp functions are \1\2\3... and …


12:08 Ticket #2661 (_GUICtrlHeader_GetItemFlags.au3) closed by guinness
Fixed: Fixed by revision [9890] in version:


18:43 Ticket #2662 (Internet Window unable to be hidden) closed by jchd18
No Bug
18:07 Ticket #2662 (Internet Window unable to be hidden) created by onlineth@…
Hi, I tried to do this, Global $oIE = …
17:12 Ticket #2661 (_GUICtrlHeader_GetItemFlags.au3) created by Tweaky
_GUICtrlHeader_GetItemFlags.au3 _GUICtrlHeader_SetItemFlags.au3 I …
08:51 Ticket #2660 (GUICtrlSetState Doc example bug) closed by Jpm
Fixed: Fixed by revision [9889] in version:
01:19 Ticket #2660 (GUICtrlSetState Doc example bug) created by mlipok
[…] top=370 is besides the size of the window height=200. Author: …


23:53 Ticket #2655 (FileReadToArray and binary file) closed by guinness
Rejected: Create your own wrapper function using the already available functions in AutoIt.
23:51 Ticket #2630 (_XOR() and _XNOR() - new function) closed by guinness
Rejected: What Mat said.
23:49 Ticket #2651 (IE.Au3 - proposal - _IE_MSIEVersion()) closed by guinness
Rejected: This belongs in the Examples sections and not the UDF.
23:20 Ticket #2658 (AutoItWrapper - checking for space on disk) closed by Jos
23:19 Ticket #2659 (Au3Check - continuation line proposal) closed by Jos
23:16 Ticket #2657 (requireAdministrator - Compile Error) closed by Jos
Fixed: Use the current available Beta version of AutoIt3Wrapper : http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/scite/download/beta_SciTE4AutoIt3/AutoIt3Wrapper.exe Jos
10:23 Ticket #2659 (Au3Check - continuation line proposal) created by mlipok
repro script: […] How you can see I use two times continuation. …


10:04 Ticket #2658 (AutoItWrapper - checking for space on disk) created by mlipok
Today I had a strange case . Tidy removed , a greater part of the …


19:14 Ticket #2657 (requireAdministrator - Compile Error) created by anonymous
The following produces an error in the newest Scite from 1/22/2014: …
11:00 Ticket #2654 (Unable to do automation for installing a software) closed by Melba23
06:30 Ticket #2656 (array automatic redim for $array[] = ...) created by anonymous
dear developers. Whether technically difficult to make constructions …
06:18 Ticket #2655 (FileReadToArray and binary file) created by anonymous
whether it is possible to do so FileReadToArray return bytes instead …


13:27 Ticket #2654 (Unable to do automation for installing a software) created by narasimha
hi, i am using autoit to do install a software but most of the windows …


16:32 Ticket #2653 (ObjCreate with arguments) created by chesstiger (autoit.de)
Hello, I just want to create COM objects with non-empty constructors. …


14:45 Ticket #2652 (Allow ExpandVarStrings to expand com properties as well.) created by this-is-me
The ExpandVarStrings option does not currently expand if the variable …


13:37 Ticket #2651 (IE.Au3 - proposal - _IE_MSIEVersion()) created by mlipok


15:10 Ticket #2650 (_FileListToArrayRec returns an extra row in array with number of ...) closed by Melba23


23:30 Ticket #2650 (_FileListToArrayRec returns an extra row in array with number of ...) created by itaushanov@…
Simple script: #include <File.au3> #include <Array.au3> $f = …


21:23 Ticket #2649 (AutoIt3 Source Obfuscator v1.0.31.1 bug) closed by Jos
Wont Fix: Support for Obfuscator has stopped. Also think the log file is pretty clear what the problem is. Assume you are the same person that pmed me this without any question or context. Jos
21:02 Ticket #2649 (AutoIt3 Source Obfuscator v1.0.31.1 bug) created by anonymous
0.02 ==> Start Add_Include: Include_Rec$:#include <GuiRichEdit.au3> …
11:15 Ticket #2648 (FileSaveDialog extension value) created by MyEarth
The FileSaveDialog function don't return the extension value. With a …


03:00 Ticket #2647 (Add line count of FileReadToArray to @extended) created by BrewManNH
The function FileReadToArray doesn't return the count of the lines …


20:30 Ticket #2645 (FileReadToArray - Remarks proposal) closed by Melba23
16:41 Ticket #2646 (_ArraySearch still has a bug!) closed by Melba23
No Bug
16:31 Ticket #2646 (_ArraySearch still has a bug!) created by milos83
Producer Dim $Proxys[3] $Proxys[0] = 0 $Proxys[1] = …
14:38 Ticket #2645 (FileReadToArray - Remarks proposal) created by mLipok
Please add the Remarks section, additional description about something …
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